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Empowering Fanshawe College entrepreneurs to change the world, one startup at a time.

About Us

Leap Junction is Fanshawe College's Entrepreneurial Centre. 

Our goal is to create opportunities for all students and graduates to explore entrepreneurship at their own pace, by empowering them with the skills and knowledge needed to create and run a successful company.

We do this by Educating our entrepreneurs through business coaching and mentoring, workshops, and our business accelerator program, Leap IN.

Fostering and facilitating a culture of entrepreneurship at Fanshawe College. This involves organizing student and community-focused entrepreneurial events on and off-campus and having a dedicated physical and online space for our entrepreneurs to work and connect.

Integrating our entrepreneurial activities into the local community and working within a vibrant ecosystem that supports local entrepreneurs. This involves acting as a link for our entrepreneurs to access resources, mentors, investors, industry leaders, and our community partners.

Join today, and become part of our amazing, innovative community.